Advanced bioinformatics and metagenomic data analysis


Topics are related to metagenomics-specific issues like calling taxa, functional annotation, metagenome assembly and comparative metagenomics. This training will also provide attendees with in-depth training on analysis of bacterial community sequence data. Tools such as gene clustering and annotation will be explored. At the end of the course, participants should be familiar with metagenomics and its application, how to process NGS data, software used for metagenomic data analysis and comparative metagenomics.

Format: Lectures, demonstrations and practicals

Target audience:

Postgraduate students, post-docs and researchers who want to know more about metagenomics and its data analysis. Scientific programmers and data analysts with a background in biology and bioinformatics may also attend.

Duration: 2 days

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction to sequencing technologies
  2. Introduction to metagenomics and its application
  3. Next generation Sequencing (NGS) data processing
  4. Methods for comparative metagenomics
  5. Functional annotation
  6. Comparative metagenomics
  7. Metagenomics data analysis using MEGAN software