Web, Database and Tool Development

We provide professional website, software and database development tailor to your requirements. Examples of websites:

  1. StaphyloBase: http://staphylococcus.um.edu.my

    Reference: Hamed Heydari Naresh V.R. Mutha, Mahafizul Imran Mahmud, Cheuk Chuen Siow, Wei Yee Wee, Guat Jah Wong, Amir Hessam Yazdi, Mia Yang Ang, Siew Woh Choo. 2014. StaphyloBase: A Specialised Genomic Resource for the Staphylococcal Research Community. Database-Oxford, bau010. doi: 10.1093/database/bau010.

  2. CoryneBase: http://corynebacterium.um.edu.my

    Hamed Heydari, Cheuk Chuen Siow, Mui Fern Tan, Nick S. Jakubovics, Wei Yee Wee Naresh V.R. Mutha, Guat Jah Wong, Mia Yang Ang, Amir Hessam Yazdi, Siew Woh Choo. 2014. CoryneBase: Corynebacterium Genomic Resources and Analysis Tools at Your Fingertips. PLoS ONE, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086318.

  3. The International Pangolin Research Consortium (IPaRC) website: http://pangolin.um.edu.my
  4. Annals of Dentistry website: http://adum.um.edu.my