Data Analyses

We offer a wide arrange of bioinformatics analyses to aid researchers in the interpretation of their data and provide solutions to solve their research problems. Our services include:

‣ Next-generation sequencing data analyses (RNA-seq, Whole-genome sequencing, Exome sequencing, ChIP-seq, RIP-seq, MNase-seq, miRNA-seq)
‣ Biological data management and analyses ‣ Biological pathways analysis ‣ Genome assembly and annotation
‣ Generation of Circos plots ‣ Comparative pathogenomics analysis ‣ Mapping sequencing read on reference data
‣ Gene Ontology (GO) and enrichment analysis ‣ Pan-genome analysis ‣ Phylogenetic analysis
‣ Clustering analysis ‣ Functional Gene Annotations ‣ Comparative genomic analysis
‣ SNP identification ‣ Evolution analysis ‣ Genomic Islands analysis
‣ Fusion gene analysis ‣ Drug resistance analysis ‣ Demographic history analysis
‣ High-throughput BLAST analysis ‣ Gene regulatory elements analysis ‣ DNA and protein sequence analysis
‣ HIV transmission network analysis ‣ Identification of large structural variations ‣ Construction of biological networks
‣ Data curation ‣ Pseudogene analysis ‣ Comparative genomic islands analysis
‣ Prophage prediction ‣ Comparative prophage analysis ‣ Identification of pathogenicity islands
‣ Identification of plasmid sequences ‣ Microbial ANI analysis ‣ Microbial MUMi analysis
‣ Microbial AAI analysis ‣ Microbial virulence gene prediction ‣ Microbial & eukaryotic genome size prediction
‣ Multiple genome comparison ‣ Human pathogen prediction ‣ Heterozygosity rate prediction
‣ Identification of RNA-editing events ‣ Identification of novel genes & transcripts ‣ Identification of naturally eukaryotic cis-antisense gene pairs

Please contact us if your analyses of interest are not in the above list.