Bioinformatics Malaysia

Genome Solutions is a bioinformatics and biomedical company based in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our core business is to provide genomic services and bioinformatics solutions to scientists from academia and industry.

With many years of extensive experience and a specialised and strong team, we are here to help and support our clients around the world to achieve their project goals in a faster, smarter and better way. We offer several services in genomic research for which we have always focussed on activities which are important for our clients. We always stay on top of new developments and trends in this fast-growing market.


To be world-class one-stop bioinformatics and biomedical solutions provider in order to meet the growing life science, biotechnology and healthcare industries.


To be the most trusted bioinformatics solutions provider that create long term values and help researchers and businesses achieve their goals.